Marketing Plans & Digests

Marketing plans come in many shapes
and sizes.

For some people a marketing plan lays out a promotion strategy, for others it is a comprehensive approach to managing a product or service in the marketplace. At Chris Olson & Associates we adapt the coverage of a marketing plan to what you need and want. As a result our plans have been called outreach programs, advertising plans, rollout campaigns, visibility strategies, communications programs, marketing plans, and Marketing Strategy Digests.

Defining The Strategy

Our planning services begin with a discussion of your situation and what you need. Before we embark upon a marketing project we identify the target markets, competitors, product and service lines, and the marketplace environment, including threats and opportunities. We briefly review what has been done before, what marketing and communications activities are currently in place, and the results. The answers to these points provide us with a snapshot of your marketing scenario, and a foundation upon which to identify a successful marketing strategy.

Marketing Plan Digests

In today's fast-paced world, strategies and plans tend to be more dynamic and immediate-results driven than the plans of a decade ago. Plans laded with details have been replaced with nimble strategies developed to take advantage of opportunities. Image branding and value communications form baseline strategies for today's library as customers become sophisticated consumers of information services. For this reason, we recommend Marketing Strategy Digests rather than marketing plans. A digest provides the strategy and guidance without the implementation details which can become quickly outdated as the competitive landscape shifts and opportunities and threats appear on the horizon. The strategy outlined in a Digest provides the guidance for implementing specific marketing and communications activities.


Depending on a client's needs, our marketing strategies may address brand name, image, and packaging issues, product and service line extensions or overhauls, pricing tactics, distribution options, promotion mix strategies, and/or visibility and communications activities. A Marketing Strategy Digest can include a broad based marketing budget for fiscal planning purposes.

Marketing Strategy Options

The planning services of Chris Olson & Associates are flexible with the marketing expertise and experience of the Principal Consultant, Chris Olson, available to clients through conference calls, video conferences, virtual consultation meetings, and onsite visits.

For clients with limited budgets, or for those who want an objective opinion, Chris is available to review plans developed by the client. Depending on the requirements, a written report or a set of informal notes can be requested which capture insights, comments, and recommendations.

For clients with little or no inhouse marketing expertise, or with limited staff resources we can develop a marketing strategy which can be implemented in a team approach with the resources of the client and Chris Olson & Associates working in tandem to achieve goals and objectives.

Clients with marketing teams or committees are invited to retain Chris' expertise and insights for scheduled consultations over an extended period of time.

Your Marketing Strategy

For additional information and cost estimates, speak to the Principal Consultant, Chris Olson. Please allow a 4-6 week lead time for your project.

Updated 11/25/02