Reinventions & Repositions

More and more corporate libraries and information services are looking for opportunities to shed their traditional image and activities, to align themselves with their organization’s core strategies and add value to the bottomline in a visible, tangible way. The management tool of reengineering, also referred to as reinvention or realignment, offers librarians a systematic approach to transforming their information services into new entities.

At Chris Olson & Associates we believe reinventing an information service is like starting a new business. We begin with establishing a clear vision, mission, values, and goals. We conduct research to support assumptions, identify opportunities and clarify challenges. We analyze processes and question the status quo. And with a flexible plan in place, we become your management partner helping you to implement strategies, jump over hurdles, smooth out the bumps, and assist your staff through the change process. Once in place, we rollout out your new entity with a marketing and promotion campaign designed to make everyone sit up and take notice of your new focus and transformed services.

Phase 1. Setting the Stage

Our reinvention projects begin with intense and productive staff meetings to develop mission, vision, value and goal statements for the new entity. Members of our reinvention team become students of your organization, its industry and marketplace, and its future plans. We learn the details of your library activities, your staff, customers, and competitors. We absorb your history and we contemplate your plans and aspirations. Our intent is to know as much as possible about all aspects of your library and your organization’s needs so that we can offer you the best possible advice and insights.

We conduct focus groups with customers and noncustomers to gain a marketplace perspective of what opportunities and challenges your new business may encounter. We schedule personal interviews with senior and executive management, and others identified as stakeholders with a vested interest in the success of your new business. And we conduct a detailed review of your current library operations and processes to lay the production groundwork for the new business.

Throughout the project we are aware of the impact a reinvention project can have on a staff?the uncertainty, the disruption, the fear. Our team is sensitive to these issues and we incorporate into our reinvention projects staff activities designed to foster open communications and aid in the transition.


Phase 2. Implementation

\Using the results of our research and guided by the newly developed vision, mission, and goal statements, we assist you in developing a plan of action for transforming your library into a new entity. Throughout the process you benefit from our marketing insights and knowledge as new services and products are developed, old services are recast, and others are retired. We ask you to consider us management partners on whom you can rely for recommendations, observations, advice and assistance as you and your staff proceed through the steps of reinventing your library.

When the time is right, our promotion and branding services are activated to develop and rollout the newly reinvented service. With a new name, logo, and product/service identity, your new entity is launched with a carefully crafted promotion campaign.

Phase 3. Follow Through

Once launched the reinvention project enters its maturation stage. Now comes the time when you fine-tune reinvented products and services and continue your role as a visionary leader. While the staff settles into their new roles, you identify and seize opportunities for your new entity. You actively manage your customer, service and product portfolios, and ensure that your decisions and management practices are consistently aligned with corporate strategies, making sure that your new entity adds value to fellow employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

At this point of the project our reinvention team is on call to help you through new business life-cycle pains, coach you and your staff on evolving marketing tactics, and to revisit previous decisions in light of new options. We are available to you and your staff at whatever level of involvement you find beneficial.

Your Reinvention Project

You should allow one-and-a-half to two years for your reinvention project to reach maturity. Because of the intense nature of reinvention projects and the level of client involvement they require, we accept only one new reinvention assignment per year. Due to the extent of our knowledge needs about your organization, we diligently respect confidentiality and readily sign corporate confidentiality statements. To discuss your reinvention or repositioning needs, contact Chris Olson at 410-647-6708 or write a message outlining your requirements to

Updated 1/14/03