SWOT Analysis & Strategies

SWOT analysis is a tool borrowed from the strategic planning management function. The process, sometimes referred to as an Environmental Scan, identifies and examines four different types of marketplace conditions:

• strengths of the library and its services and products
• weaknesses of the library and its product and service lines
• opportunities in the marketplace for the library
• threats in the marketplace against the library

By identifying and compiling these four types of marketplace data, a library can develop a 360 degree snapshot of themselves, their competitors, and the world in which they operate, paving the way for focused marketing decisions and plans.

In today's Internet-driven world of constant change charging at a breakneck pace, information service professionals sometimes find themselves swamped with issues and changes which threaten the integrity and scope of their information services and products. Librarians in dynamic environments should assess their present situation and clearly understand it before developing and implementing marketing strategies.


Objectivity and Vision Is Only a Phone Call Away

Chris Olson & Associates has been conducting SWOT/Environmental Scans for years and has used the results in developing blueprints for new information services and products, reinvented library services, and of course, marketing strategies and plans. Due the ability of Chris Olson to "see the Big Picture," evaluate marketplace conditions, and generate ideas and approaches for a library, her leadership and contributions to a SWOT/Environmental Scan project can instill the energy and confidence required to plan and implement successful marketing strategies.

Chris Olson is available to help on your next SWOT/Environmental Scan project. To discuss how her experience and knowledge can contribute to your scan and analysis project, contact Chris Olson at 410-647-6708 or write a message outlining your needs to Chris@ChrisOlson.com.

Updated 11/21/02