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Chris Olson
Principal Consultant


Because we know library and information services, writing brochures, web site content, fact sheets, display ads and newsletters comes easy to us. Clients find it rewarding to work with Chris Olson & Associates because we speak "libraryeez" and understand the messages our clients want to transmit. Once again the marriage of marketing savvy and library knowledge benefits clients as Chris Olson produces headlines and copy which capture attention, stress benefits and value, and move customers to action. Augmenting her own writing style are associates, who as writers and editors work with Chris Olson on ghostwriting articles, preparing press releases, writing conference programs, focusing web pages, and creating storyboards.


Newsletters are popular forms of communications with customers and can be regular publications that give a library visibility in this age of self-service internet users. Chris Olson & Associates not only writes and edits newsletters, but we also provide design services, and production support on a regular schedule, taking care of the all the final production tasks, including printing and mailing for paper newsletters, and creating PDF files and e-mail broadcasts for electronic versions. Many times we produce newsletter computer templates where the client drafts the text of the newsletter into the template and we edit and polish the final copy.

In June 2003, Chris Olson will be presenting a half-day workshop on newsletter production at the SLA annual conference in New York City. Click here to read the workshop description. To register for the workshop, go to the SLA web site at

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