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Thank you for visiting the Writing section of the Chris Olson & Associates web site. We are currently updating our writing pages and the services we offer to libraries and information services. The following description provides an overview. If you are looking for assistance to develop a slogan or tagline, or implement a branding program please contact Chris Olson at 410-647-6708. Or outline your requirements in an email message and send it to

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Chris Olson
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Because we know library and information services, developing slogans and taglines, message themes, and headlines comes easy to us. Clients find it rewarding to work with Chris Olson & Associates because we speak "libraryeez" and understand the messages our clients want to transmit. Once again the marriage of marketing savvy and library knowledge benefits clients as Chris Olson produces memorable slogans which attract attention. Many times clients do not have the staff resources or time to convene a brainstorming session, and instead opt to use the talent of Chris Olson and her associates to develop a list of creative ideas. This option is particularly attractive for groups who have tried to generate ideas on their own and who are unhappy with the results.


Over the years Chris Olson has identified and assembled individuals who are creative, literate, and experienced brainstorm session participants. This group of associates has created brand names, slogans and taglines for numerous clients over the years. The team includes individuals with backgrounds in linguistics, Greek and Latin, as well as advertising and communications.

Developing a slogan or tagline for an information service or product is frequently a component of a branding initiative, a reinvention project, or other marketing endeavor. You are invited to review our slogan and tagline development services in these related marketing activities:
Brainstorming, Branding, and Library Reinventions.

Updated 3/5/05