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The History of Marketing Treasures

Marketing Treasures began publication in 1987. An annual subscription included 6 issues of the newsletter, 3 sheets of original library clip art, and a binder system to keep everything together. Twelve years later the newsletter was converted to electronic format and offered free. In 2000, Marketing Treasures was temporarily suspended while the editorial staff planned the newsletter's future. The completely revamped Marketing Treasures was released in January 2005 with Volume 14, Number 1.

About the Archives

Beginning January 2005, each issue of Marketing Treasures is automatically posted to the web site as a PDF file. The most recent issue is available on the Current Issue page. Our complete archive consist of 68 issues of the newsletter, extending from Volume 1, 1987-88 through Volume 13, Winter 2000. For volumes 1-7 we list only the feature cover article of each issue. For volumes 8-13 we list the compete contents of each issue. The 6th issue in each volume (July/August issue, number 6) contains the index for the volume.

We have not updated or changed the contents of the newsletters, so some of the information, particularly the resources and calendar events, may not be accurate. (We are not responsible for obsolete or incorrect information in past issues of Marketing Treasures.) The clip art sheets have been included, however the artwork has been watermarked. Many of the images on the clip art sheets have been colored and are now available on our sister web site,

Reprinting, Distribution, and Linking Guidance

Marketing Treasures is a copyrighted newsletter and all rights are reserved worldwide. Details on permissions and copyright are provided on our copyright page. The following addresses frequently asked questions about Marketing Treasures content:

May I post issues of or articles from Marketing Treasures on my web site?

No. Marketing Treasures is protected by domestic and international copyright and trademark laws. You may not upload or post any part of Marketing Treasures without our expressed, written permission PRIOR to your activity. See our copyright page for details.

May I forward a copy of Marketing Treasures to a colleague?

You are welcome to forward Marketing Treasures in its entirety to your peers as long as your intent and activities are noncommercial. Excerpts, screen shots or other partial content may not be used or transmitted without permission. Please tell us how you will be using the partial content and send to We will respond immediately.

May I put a hyperlink from my site to Marketing Treasures?

Yes. You may post direct text hyperlinks to Please keep in mind that this does not give you permission to host files or other content from or Marketing Treasures on your web site.

May I use the Marketing Treasures logo as a hyperlink on my web site?

Please contact our office about using the Marketing Treasures logo graphic as a hyperlink. If approved, a clean logo file will be provided for the hyperlink. Chris Olson & Associates reserves the right to request the removal of any logo/graphic hyperlinks it did not approve.

May I copy, reprint, or republish any part of Marketing Treasures?

You are allowed to download copyrighted materials for your individual and noncommercial use only. If you would like to copy, reprint, republish or otherwise exploit any content from Marketing Treasures beyond your individual use or for commercial use, please put your request in writing and send it to, and we will respond immediately.

May I use a screen shot of Marketing Treasures?

No. Screen shotes are considered to be partial content and may not be used or transmitted without permission. Please explain how you will be using the screen shot and send it to We will respond immediately.

May I use an article from Marketing Treasures for my school project?

You may include a Marketing Treasures article for your school project as long as our copyright statement (see below) accompanies the article.

Our copyright statement is as follows:

Copyright 1987-2005 Christine A. Olson and Chris Olson & Associates. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from

If In doubt...

Additional information is presented on our copyright page.
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